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noun 1.The quality of being coherent and intelligible. 2. The quality of transparency or purity.

Everyone knows the definition of clarity. The ability to grasp something tangible and see clearly what is needed to be seen.

In the world of production, clarity comes from experience. But even with the most experienced producer clarity is just a gut feeling, and at times a blind leap of faith. We strive to find confidence in our decisions through our experience and in the strength of our memory of a past project or by referencing old jobs tucked away in a dropbox files. And if we lack that confidence we reach out to someone that has it, putting our faith in their knowledge.

For Produzen, the ability to bring about Production Clarity means giving producers the tools to find the confidence in their production decisions faster and with better insight.

It can be as simple as knowing that all the formulas on your budget are unbreakable and that the budget number submitted is correct, taking away doubt and insecurity.

It can be in the speed in which past job data can validate a current production approach with a quick keyword search through all your jobs, alleviating the pressure of having to rely on memory or the time in which it takes to sort through historical job information.

Clarity can be found in the business intelligence tools that we are developing that allow a producer to look at the micro details of a job, or take a step back and look at the marco picture of their entire company, with insight cashflow, job profitability, and crew/vendor performance. Information that was unattainable before or trapped in accounting where by the time a report would be generated, the moment a decision would have to have been made had boiled up to making the call to take an uninformed risky step forward and the stress that comes with it.

Our goal is to alleviate that stress, build confidence in the production choices being made by bringing production clarity and offering producers peace of mind.



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