Stay ahead of your projects and competition ​with the only analytics platform designed exclusively for media producers.

Produzen delivers answers to hundreds of questions every production company has about their business at the

touch of a button.



No more pieced-together workflows. Your budget rolls right into production mode with integrated payments, expenses and invoicing.


The financial nerve center for all your productions. Produzen delivers accurate budgets, cash management and expense tracking in real time across your organization. 


Operational analytics help you make smarter decisions based on real data. Discover insight into meaningful patterns within the production process. 




The Produzen Dashboard is a customizable portal

of real-time information and predictive analytics. 


Quickly switch between the micro details of a project and the macro view of your company.

Take the guess work out and build confidence to make critical financial & business decisions while freeing up headspace to tackle the next opportunity.

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